Our Objective

We cater to clients with a long-term investment horizon.

We aim to grow our clients’ wealth delivering strong inflation-adjusted returns through investing in opportunities in private and public markets with an attractive risk-return profile, while maintaining a high margin of safety and diversifying risk across and within asset classes.

Private Markets strategy

For our private markets strategy, we look to build long-lasting relationships with partners with clear focus and strategy for the relevant sector.

We participate alongside world class, highly reputed and focused operating partners with strong alignment of interest with our capital, relevant expertise in the asset class and extensive experience in their target markets.

We seek to make non-controlling investments with structures that contemplate strong shareholder protection, provide ample visibility to the assets, establish clear liquidity mechanisms and ensure strong alignment of interests with our operating partners.

We have executed private equity and real estate transactions across a wide range of sectors, throughout North America, Europe, and Latin America.

Our partners include leading global Private Equity firms, sector-specific and regional mid-size Private Equity funds, family businesses, and entrepreneurs.

Public markets strategy

Our public markets strategy is designed to diversify our clients’ consolidated portfolios and provide solid long-term risk-adjusted returns without compromising liquidity.

In Aviron, we integrate economic research and proprietary models to build a tailormade asset allocation strategy following a conservative approach. We use correlation analysis to ensure effective diversification with other investors’ assets and portfolio optimizations to capture stable long-term risk-adjusted returns. Portfolios are constructed using a mix of global equities and fixed income securities, with a high proportion dedicated to developed markets.

We implement our global asset allocation strategy by selecting the most suitable investment vehicles among active funds, ETFs, public traded securities, and derivatives. Liquidity is one of the most important features required to each market instrument.

We look for long-term relationships with partners who are aligned with our investment philosophy and downside protection focus.

Aviron’s public markets strategy includes cash management for the overall portfolio, being an active participant in both secondary and primary debt markets.